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999X is a little colorfull retro shmup set in the 90s.

90s on the brink of 10th millenium, where space is full of militarized VHS tapes, Tamagotchies that went insane from starvation and other dangers.

The greatest one is the evil Cassechyack, a monstrosity made by men.

You are the Hero this galaxy needs but doesn't deserve.

You have to defeat Cassechyack and his henchmen.

999X : Super Subsonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Starfighters was made in 36 hours by group of begginers and first timers at Slavic Game Jam 2016.

The Work in Regress team:

  1. Patryk Woźnicki
  2. Ryszard Tropisz
  3. Peter "Czort" Bulak
  4. Jacek Piłkowski

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